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The prescription medication methylphenidate is often used for hyperactivity in children and can be an effective tachycardia syndrome treatment. Narcoleptic patients are prescribed this type of central nervous system medication and often buy Ritalin for its successful treatment effects. There are additional medical applications for those patients who buy Ritalin, with this form of stimulant aiding in depression and bipolar symptoms. The medication has been effectively used for the successful treatment of obesity.

Patients frequently buy Ritalin for its clinical effectiveness with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Children who have the symptoms of ADHD have been treated for impulsiveness, an inability to pay attention in a classroom setting and poor relationships with their peers. Parents who buy Ritalin for their school-age children tend to see an improvement in these areas of behavior. The prescribed medication biologically increases certain brain neurotransmitter activity for a student, and this stimulant application helps a classroom participant effectively focus and not be distracted.


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Hyperactivity was first treated on a large scale with this type of stimulant medication in the 1960's and became widely accepted as an ongoing medical treatment for ADHD in the 1990's. It has been prescribed successfully for other applications including a rapid resting heart beat and a chronic sleep disorder. Negative behavioral symptoms often effectively respond to its stimulant qualities, and patients frequently buy Ritalin for major depressive symptoms and symptoms of lethargy. Psychostimulants tend to positively effect a person's brain chemical compositions that include dopamine and norepinephrine, often found with behavioral problems.

This form of therapy for behavioral disorders has been studied over several decades, making it one of the more popular and well-documented treatments for behavioral problems. It first became widely used for learning problems that were directly related to a student's ability to concentrate. Aggressive behaviors have been studied using this type of medical stimulant as a treatment option. Aggressive behaviors have tended to decrease, as a participant was able to control impulsiveness. Most aggressive behavioral studies have focused on defiant behaviors and those that are more extreme in content. Even the more extreme behaviors have responded to a structured environment, along with this type of stimulant medication that helps to reduce uncontrollable impulses. Modern behavioral science continues to use Ritalin as an alternative medication for these forms of deviant, adolescent behavioral concerns. Extreme obesity has been recently treated using stimulants, in order to control less desirable impulsive eating disorders.